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Wider World Immigration Consultancy is a Canada based immigration consultancy with the expertise to provide clients the guidance and information they seek during their immigration journey with integrity, candour and professionalism. We assist you in navigating Canada’s immigration process with the required insight and expertise. We also offer settlement services to assist you in adjusting to life in Canada. The founder of the consultancy, Anjula Dhingra Gupta is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant and is an expert in Canadian immigration policies.

You can contact us for:

  • Visiting Canada
  • Studying in Canada
  • Working in Canada
  • Immigrating to Canada

We can help you visit and explore Canada as a tourist or to see family and friends by applying for a tourist visa.

We can help you discover work options in Canada and apply for work permits as per your eligibility.


We can help you explore study options and apply for student visas to study in the best schools and colleges in Canada. 


We can help you in your Canadian immigration journey by finding the most suitable immigration pathway that will work for you.

Family Sponsorship

We can help in family reunification and reconnecting with your loved ones by sponsorship applications of eligible relatives if you are a PR/Citizen.


We can help in Business visas if you are interested in investing in start-up ventures or businesses in Canada. 

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Bridging all your Immigration Legal Necessities

Client satisfaction is one of the strongest pillars at Wider World Immigration. We include a strong network of happy clients all over Canada. We are efficient and also maintain a high transparency level while dealing with clients. We aim to meet all the client immigration needs at competitive and affordable fees.




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If you are planning to move to Canada due to study, doing business or as a permanent resident,   Wider World Immigration is always there to help you.